My name is Johnedel Matias, but I go by either John or Edel through friends and acquaintances.
I do event photography and portraits that mainly resonate with a documentary style of capturing.
My aim is to catch moments and emotions of both subjects and atmosphere. Depending on where I am, I do my best to capture the feeling of that particular time. Birthdays, parties, any sort of gatherings I work well to the point of moving and working as fast as my flash and camera can click.

Most of my work involve me taking photos for Lighthouse Christian Church, Vancouver Igorot cultural group: B.I.B.A.K. BC., as well as working with Trinity Western University's dance team 'Agape'
I am based primarily in Vancouver, but can also travel abroad. My background comes from the art style of photography that replicate photojournalist magazines like National Geographic, and GQ. A blend of which harks from my mix of experiences in fashion and the outdoors.
For almost I decade I have worked in the retail fashion industry both in sales and behind the scenes, My inspiration draws from street-style photographers and editorial photography.
As for my wilderness background I draw from my inspiration through landscape photography and the aforementioned Nat-Geo photo journalism.

I try to mix these two contradicting forms of art inspirations into the work that I do. From things that are ordinary or mundane like Sunday mornings at church, one can draw out forms of awe inspiring revelations. That is my purpose and that is what I try to achieve through my photography.

Despite my demeanor in my self-portrait I am a silly easy going guy.
Send me a message through my Contact page or send me a personal message through any social media and I will get back to you.

phone: 778 238 2521
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